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TOPIC: AA77: Falsche Darstellungen im CR

AA77: Falsche Darstellungen im CR 14 Aug 2009 18:42 #249

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Woody Box hat noch einen Fehler im 9/11 Commission Report gefunden.
Der Report behauptet, dass die AA77 nicht entdeckt wurde, weil den Fluglotsen am Washington Center nicht gesagt wurde, dass sie nach primary targets Ausschau halten sollen.
In den NORAD-Tapes ist jedoch im Kanal 4 ab Zeitindex 1:08:20 zu hören, dass die dortigen Fluglotsen eben doch auch nach primary targets gesucht haben. Sie hätten die A77 also eigentlich entdecken müssen.

Here's another proof that the NTSB data for Flight 77 are complete BS.

The official story (9/11 CommReport) has it that Flight 77 vanished for some five minutes in a radar hole at 8:57, but was not detected by controllers when he was visible again because they were "not told to look for primary targets". Here's footnote 144, Chapter 1:

144. John Thomas interview (May 4, 2004); Charles Thomas interview (May 4, 2004). We have reviewed all FAA documents, transcripts, and tape recordings related to American 77 and have found no evidence that FAA headquarters issued a directive to surrounding centers to search for primary radar targets. Review of the same materials also indicates that no one within FAA located American 77 until the aircraft was identified by Dulles controllers at 9:32. For much of that time, American 77 was traveling through Washington Center's airspace. The Washington Center's controllers were looking for the flight, but they were not told to look for primary radar returns.

The NTSB flight path study has Flight 77 flying between 25000 ft and 35000 ft when it was in Washington Center airspace, i.e. if it was there then it was clearly visible on radar.

So do we have a case of massive incompetence of the controllers of Washington Center here, not able to spot a primary target for 25 minutes?

The answer is: No! No case of incompetent controllers, rather a case of a corrupt commission obstructing the evidence and faked data released by a corrupt government agency.

Just listen to this gentleman here. He's the operations manager of Washington Center, and at 9:33:50, he provided NEADS with this clear information here:

Let me tell you this story here: Indianapolis Center was working this guy - American 77 - at flight level 350, they lost radar with him, they lost contact with him, they lost everything, they don't have any idea where he is or what happened. So what we've done at the surrounding centers here is tell them all to look out for limited codes or primary targets or whatever the case may be and that was the last time - that was about 15 minutes ago since I talked to the Indianapolis Center operations manager.

Source: NORAD tapes, channel 4; scroll forward to 1:08:20 (about 9:33:50) )

So Washington Center and Indianapolis Center did everything they could to spot primary targets and unknown objects on their screens - as we can expect from professional controllers -, but they couldn't find one. And the 9/11 Commission is convicted of another big lie. ... 232/1/#new

Aus den NORAD-Tapes habe ich mal den betreffenden Teil (Channel 4, Zeitindex ab 1:08:00:00) herauskopiert und hochgeladen:
Der Text ist dann ab der 20.Sekunde zu hören.

Im 9/11 Commission Report (Dateiname 911Report.pdf oder fullreport.pdf) steht die zitierte Footnote 144 auf der Seite 460 unten.

Bei Zeitindex 1:06:15:800 klingelt das Telefon und der Anrufer stellt sich vor:
"This is Washington Center operations manager"
Es handelt sich also tatsächlich um das Washington Center und nciht um den Dulles Airport in Washington.

The Command Center kept looking for American 77. At 9:21, it advised the Dulles terminal control facility, which urged its controllers to look for primary targets.

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