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TOPIC: Onesliceshort Analyse:Augenzeugen und der Nordpfad

Aw: Onesliceshort Analyse:Augenzeugen und der Nordpfad 30 Oct 2011 17:17 #2227

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Bart Rosati, Arthur
Arthur Rosati, another security officer and an army reservist, was in a meeting when the plane hit. "I ran down the hallway and there was smoke everywhere. You could smell the jet fuel, it was unbearable"

Inside the building. Did not witness aircraft

Response Roser, John F.
"You could see where the plane had gone in. It sheared off some of the light poles and those were on the ground. There were some plane parts around." - Soldiers to the Rescue/Responding in the Pentagon

Wasn't there. Did not witness aircraft never mind the lightpoles being "sheared off".

They Saw Sabre, Qawly
Qawiy Sabre, a data processor working in the outer E-ring of the Pentagon, "when saw the plane coming in"
he ducked to the floor and flames passed over him.
"The whole building shook. We heard a loud bang, and wall of fire came at us."
The Washington Times / September 12, 2001 (Lexis Nexis)
(text mirror) Stephen Dinan / THE WASHINGTON TIMES / Sept. 12th 2001

He ducked to the floor BEFORE the plane reached the building and an unconfirmed media report.

Bart Schickler, Rob
""A plane flew over my house," (one mile away from the Pentagon). "

It was loud, but not unusual because the [Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport] is by my house, on the other side of the Pentagon. Occasionally planes that miss the landing fly over my house." "A few seconds later, there was this sonic boom," he said.

He heard and felt an/the aircraft flying over his house. The only built up area that the aircraft is witnessed to have flown over immediately before entering the basin was laid out in this CIT video:

Bart Seibert, Tom
Tom Seibert : "We heard what sounded like a missile, then we heard a loud boom," said Tom Seibert, 33, a network engineer at the Pentagon. "We were sitting there and watching this thing from New York, and I said, you know, the next best target would be us. And five minutes later, boom."

Inside the building. Did not witness aircraft.

Bart Shaeffer, Kevin
Lieutenant Kevin Shaeffer, U.S. Navy (Retired) : At exactly 0943, the entire command center exploded in a gigantic orange fireball, and I felt myself being slammed to the deck by a massive and thunderous shock wave. It felt to me as if the blast started at the outer wall, blowing me forward toward Commander Dunn's desk.

Inside the building. Did not witness the aircraft.

Bart Sheuerman, Philip
"Philip Sheuerman, exiting the freeway, turning into the parking lot, of the Pentagon. saw "... a passenger plane ..."

Sheuerman, who had just heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center minutes before, realized that
“it was perfectly obvious what (the plane) was going to do.”
He saw the plane slam into the Pentagon."

Sheuerman is alleged to have said that he saw the plane. The reporter adds the "he saw the impact" line.
A more detailed confirmed account is needed.

Bart Singleton, Jack
"Where the plane came in was really at the construction entrance," says Jack Singleton, president of Singleton Electric Co. Inc., Gaithersburg MD, the Wedge One electrical subcontractor. "The plane's left wing actually came in near the ground and the right wing was tilted up in the air. That right wing went directly over our trailer, so if that wing had not tilted up, it would have hit the trailer. My foreman, Mickey Bell, had just walked out of the trailer and was walking toward the construction entrance."

Jack Singleton saw none of this. He's repeating almost word for word what was attributed to Mickey Bell (look at his alleged quote in the "Bart" list). Mickey Bell walked out of the trailer and didn't see anything. He was knocked to the ground by the blast according to Singleton himself.

Bart Skarlet

An online account that has never been verified. She doesn't say exactly where she was or where she saw the plane.
"Then it was gone." "A massive hole in the side of the Pentagon "
"I heard myself believe it, if only for a minute. "Buildings don't eat planes. That plane, it just vanished. There should have been parts on the ground. It should have rained parts on my car. The airplane didn't crash. Where are the parts?" "I want to see footage of the crash. I want to make it make sense. I want to know why there's this gap in my memory, this gap that makes it seem as though the plane simply became invisible and banked up at the very last minute, but I don't think that's going to happen."

Any lingering doubts were quashed by an onslaught of repeated media reports and government/FBI statements. All of which have been torn to shreds and continually chopped and changed.

'Skarlet' is anything BUT an "impact witness" according to her own words.

Bart Slater, Mike

Mike Slater, a former Marine, was inside the Pentagon, 500 yards from the jet's impact.

Inside the building. Did not witness aircraft.

SGYDK Snaman, Steve
"We saw the plane hit the Pentagon."

From Fort McNair?

"We saw the plane hit the Pentagon," Snaman said. "My first reaction was to get on the Nextel to reach
my men, but I couldn’t get a signal. They were in Wedge One."

Walker Seals has several government contracts at the Pentagon. This particular crew was working for
Lockheed Martin on installing and maintaining access control systems for the security of the Pentagon."

Fort McNair is THREE MILES away from the Pentagon on the far side of the alleged impact.
The REPORTER claims that he witnessed the low level approach. Even the ´left wing tilt´ as it crossed
the lawn...HOW???

There is NO view from ground level at Fort McNair. The whole area is lined with trees both on the grounds and across the FIRST estuary of the Potomac river to the west of the fort (there is a second one lined with trees too):,0.006856&t=h&z=17

The WHOLE length of the Hains Point Park which extends along the Potomac River between Fort McNair and
the Pentagon (3km to the west) offers no view either.
There is a ´view´ of the Sheraton which you will have to zoom in on from this specific spot:,298.37,,0,1.92

Remembering that Fort McNair is 3 km further EAST of this POV.
Snaman appears to be another coincidental "window witness" who had connections to the Pentagon
renovation team who were employed by Lockheed Martin.
He had no view of the west wing of the Pentagon.
He MAY have seen the plane coming over the Annex at that exact moment
from 3 miles away through areas densely populated by trees.

Use the last streetview link and travel th entire length. It's ridiculous that this guy is claiming to see anything.

Response Sorenson, Kristopher Leigh

Excerpts from an interview with Specialist Kristopher Leigh Sorensen, who was a Medical Laboratory Technician at DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic.
"I remember looking down the corridor, and you could see where part of the plane had busted through the wall, and the firefighters wouldn’t let us in. - Soldiers to the Rescue/Responding in the Pentagon [HTML]

Inside the building. Did not witness flightpath.

They Saw Storage Tech. Employees

Anonymous, unconfirmed media report.
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Aw: Onesliceshort Analyse:Augenzeugen und der Nordpfad 30 Oct 2011 17:17 #2228

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SGYDK Storti, Steve

Steve Storti had no view after the aircraft had reached the Navy Annex, the Citgo or the lightpole area. It's a physical impossibility shown here:

Storti's POV (aeriel):

He briefly appeared on internet forums. At Jeff Hill's forum. A strange story unfolded, detailed here:

In his posts (linked to in the thread above) he is quoted as saying:
"When it began to turn around the Pentagon Parking lot, I saw one wing up and one wing drop, I did not see it hit any poles.
Everything but the tail had dropped from my view at that point"

He admitted he didn't (because he physically couldn't) see the lightpoles. He also lied about being able to see the tail of the plane.

"I did not see the exact point of impact"

and this beaut:
"I can tell you unequivocally, in the back of the jet, there were individuals moving around back there"

Complete nonsense.

Storti is quoted as saying:
""The plane began to fly over the Citgo station. If its the same station were talking about. There were several garages and gas stations on the right side of the navy annex but there was a citgo station in the hollow between the navy annex and the pentagon. As the plane passed over the citgo, or the cloverleaf looking mess it banked sharply to the right. "

He also AGREES with Citgo NOC witnesses Lagasse and Brooks (and Turcios)
"He is correct! At that point it was north of the Navy Annex but it did not come in North of the Navy Annex. The path he drew was consistent with mine except he didnt see the plane fly in. He didnt see it because of the height of the overpass. Route 395 is at least 30 to 40 feet high behind the citgo station. By the time he saw it, it was , from his perspective, on the North side of the annex. However. this is based in his perspective. What they didn't see is how it flew in! Both of the officers mirror my perspective, however they did not see the fly in path. Look at a topographical map of this area. That station is in a hollow, its tucled in to an area below the Navy Annex and 395. Also, please take into account the officers perspective may have been skewed by the fact that they were under the Citgo overhang which covered the pumps.."

So even IF people insist that he could physically see these areas, he's still claiming that the aircraft flew over Citgo.
A proven dishonest personality who seems to be seeking attention and exaggerating his account.

They Saw Stuart, Chris
Lance Cpl. Chris Stuart, a 21-year-old Marine on the President’s color guard, was working at the building when the plane crashed into it.
His fiancé Amanda Hyden said. “I tried getting through to him but all the phone lines at his barracks were busy. Eventually, later that night I got word that he’d been drilling outdoors and actually saw the impact right before his eyes.”

This is an alleged THIRD hand account of this person's girlfriend who allegedly heard from somebody that this had happened to her boyfriend...

"Drilling outdoors"? Where? On the lawn? Alone?
Or was he drilling in between the cars in the parking lots that were full that morning? Alone.

Another ambiguous media one-liner that begs the question, why wasn't Stuart himself interviewed with such a headline grabbing story? Why is it hidden away in an outdated, mistake-ridden blog like "They saw"?

Because its bullshit.

Bart Sucherman, Joel

Even CIT-obsessed detractor Adam Larson aka blogger "Frustrating Fraud" couldn't deny that Joel Sucherman had to be describing the NOC flightpath:

His CIT interview is contained here:
"I saw it coming across my windshield but then the passenger side of the vehicle I had had a clear view of the pentagon. I would say The Pentagon is at 2 o’clock from me, in my car. So I’m seeing it come across the windshield and then I’m looking out the passenger side window and that’s where I see the collision with the pentagon. There were no trees at that point in the way at all. I did see it impact.”

He had a "clear view of the pentagon...looking out the PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW"
He also says that "there were no trees at that point in the way at all".

If he's telling the truth, that would narrow his POV down considerably. He was allegedly driving North (the lanes closest to the Pentagon), beyond the trees AND could see the Pentagon through his passenger window, 90º to the right (that is, almost level with the building). Now place him on the road according to his own words:


and a joint interview with him and Vin Naranyan can be found here where Naranyan makes the same sort of claims:

Both deny seeing lightpoles being "struck" or Lloyd's cab. They both place themselves in front of the building when the aircraft allegedly appeared IN FRONT of them. Not over their cars or coming from behind. NOC.

They Saw Sustern, Greta
Greta van Susteren, CNN legal analyst and anchor of "The Point,"
was on the roof of a parking structure at National Airport, with her husband.:
"We saw a plane near the Pentagon and then heard this 'boom' "

Another media hack who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

More on her and her family:
"Van Susteren married tort lawyer John P. Coale in 1988.[8] Coale, a self-described "ambulance chaser", became known as "Bhopal Coale" for his solicitation of clients among victims of the Bhopal disaster.[9] He has served as an adviser for Sarah Palin.[10]
Van Susteren and her husband are members of the Church of Scientology."

Check her father out too.

Either way, she simply describes an aircraft "near the Pentagon" and that she allegedly "heard the boom"

Here's a view from around the same area that Van susteren allegedly was:
"How the National ARFF crews found themselves in front of ground zero on September 11 started with a motor vehicle accident on the upper level of the airport's Terminal B.

While Captain Defina and his crews were watching the World Trade Center attacks on television at the ARFF station, they were dispatched to the motor vehicle accident. Although the airport, located in Arlington, Virginia, was not on alert, Captain Defina said he had a feeling Washington, D.C., could be another terrorist target."

Of course she only "heard the boom". She couldn't see anything. Maybe didn't even see the plane. If she was there.

Bart Sutherland, Jim
Jim Sutherland, a mortgage broker, was on his way to the Pentagon when he saw ... a white 737 twin-engine
plane with multicolored trim fly 50 feet over I-395 in a straight line, striking the side of the

This is a media report and Jim Sutherland is NOT quoted once.
The reporter says that he saw the plane 50 feet over the I-395 even though the official route does NOT
go over this motorway at all. So where was he watching it from?

This report appeared in The Cincinatti Post where certain reporters have added their own words to testimony such as that of eye-witness Jim Cissell
"The Cincinnati Post article, which you refer, angered me greatly after reading it. It is almost completely fiction based loosely on an interview I did with a Cincinnati Post reporter Kimball Perry who called me in response to an on air phone report that I did for Channel 12 in Cincinnati."
Cissell relates what he actually told the reporter.
"The reporter took extreme creative license not only with the title but also with the story as a whole. Why he felt the need to sensationalize anything that happened on September 11 is beyond me. My words to the reporter were, "I was about four cars back from where the plane crossed over the highway. That it happened so quickly I didn't even see what airline it was from. However, I was so close to the plane when it went past that had it been sitting on a runway, I could have seen the faces of passengers peering out."

¨"Looking at the trajectories in the diagrams they have online seems off to me. I remember the plane coming in more directly at the side of the building than at an angle," said Cissell.¨

MANY other witnesses have been misquoted or had lines inserted into their ´testimony´ such as Penny Elgas who when asked in an interview (recorded and confirmed) whether she saw the lightpoles being struck
said ´Well, that´s what THEY said´

Henry Ticknor:
Henry Ticknor, intern minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Virginia, was driving to church that Tuesday morning when American Airlines Flight 77 came in fast and low over his car and struck the Pentagon. "There was a puff of white smoke and then a huge billowing black cloud," he said.

but later he told the real version:
¨"Recently I went on-line and did a search on my name. Not too many surprises, lots of sermons, a couple of newspaper items about my days with the Fairfax County Public Schools, a few references to my name in the Winchester Star. But the most interesting was a 9-11 conspiracy theory site that quoted me as an eyewitness to the attack on the Pentagon. Comments, attributed to me, but printed without my knowledge or permission were used to support the notion that it may not have been a plane that struck the Pentagon, but rather a missile. The web page says, "This is the only witness statement that seems to have caught the white smoke which would agree with a missile being fired. Henry Ticknor, intern minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Virginia was driving to church that Tuesday morning when American Airlines flight 77 came in fast and low over his car and truck the Pentagon. "There was a puff of white smoke and then a billowing black cloud."

Where did that come from? No idea, unless it was lifted from a UU World Magazine article for which I was interviewed at some length as an eyewitness. You see on the morning of September 11, I was driving down Rt. 50 on my way to work at the Arlington UU Church when I saw a plane dive below the tree line and an immediate explosion. I did tell the World Magazine about the smoke; I never said the plane came in fast and low over my car, as I was five miles from the point of impact. Where is my right to privacy?"

Levi Stephens

Stars & Stripes September 12, 2001

Levi Stephens, 23, a courier for the Armed Forces Information Service, spoke of the crash:
"I was driving away from the Pentagon in the South Pentagon lot when I hear this huge rumble, the ground started shaking … I saw this [plane] come flying over the Navy Annex. It flew over the van and I looked back and I saw this huge explosion, black smoke everywhere."
CIT phoned and e-mailed this witness and revealed that the plane did NOT fly over his van and that he was ´misquoted´.
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Aw: Onesliceshort Analyse:Augenzeugen und der Nordpfad 30 Oct 2011 17:38 #2229

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Stephen McGraw
¨"The plane clipped the top of a light pole just before it got to us, injuring a taxi driver, whose taxi was just a few feet away from my car.¨

In CIT´s interview with him he revealed that he had NOT witnessed the poles being struck nor the cab being "speared" but had heard of it "later".

Lee Evey
The plane approached the Pentagon about six feet off the ground, clipping a light pole, a car antenna, a construction trailer and an emergency generator before slicing into the building, said Lee Evey, the manager of the Pentagon's ongoing billion-dollar renovation. The plane penetrated three of the Pentagon's five rings, but was probably stopped from going farther by hundreds of concrete columns. The plane peeled back as it entered, leaving pieces of the front of the plane near the outside of the building and pieces from the rear of the aircraft farther inside, Evey said. The floors just above the impact remained intact for about 35 minutes after the crash, allowing many people in those offices to escape, Evey said

Later became
¨Whether you describe it as an explosion or not, people I talk to who were there, some called it an explosion. Others called it a large fire. I'm not sure. I wasn't there, sir. It's just a guess on my part.¨

This much quoted "witness" to support the lightpoles being struck and an actual "impact witness" to this day..

Mickey Bell
"Mickey Bell : The jet came in from the south and banked left as it entered the building, narrowly missing the Singleton Electric trailer and the on-site foreman, Mickey Bell. Bell had just left the trailer when he heard a loud noise. The next thing he recalled was picking himself off the floor, where he had been thrown by the blast. Bell, who had been less than 100 feet from the initial impact of the plane, was nearly struck by one of the plane's wings as it sped by him. In shock, he got into his truck, which had been parked in the trailer compound, and sped away."

Later in the same quote
"Bell had no idea what had happened..."

Alan Wallace and Mark Skipper

He is quoted along with Mark Skipper as being "impact witnesses"
but is quoted as saying

Dave Winslow
David Winslow, a reporter with AP's Broadcast News Center in Washington, was sitting in his tenth-floor apartment, looking out at the capital, when he saw a jumbo tail go by him. "I heard this enormous sound of turbulence. . .As I turned to my right, I saw a jumbo tail go by me along Route 395. It was like the rear end of the fuselage was riding on 395. I just saw the tail go whoosh right past me. In a split second, you heard this boom. A combination of a crack and a thud. It rattled my windows. I thought they were going to blow out. Then came an enormous fireball."

Turns into this:

AP reporter Dave Winslow also saw the crash. He said, "I saw the tail of a large airliner ... It ploughed right into the Pentagon."

Which turns into this:

AP reporter Dave Winslow says he saw the tail of a large airliner plow right into the Pentagon.

Omar Campo

This guy´s account was butchered in translation here:

This translation was further twisted by media reports:
“Omar Campo, a Salvadorean, was cutting the grass on the other side of the road when the plane flew over his head.
‘It was a passenger plane. I think an American Airways plane," Mr Campo said. "I was cutting the grass and it came in screaming over my head. I felt the impact. The whole ground shook and the whole area was full of fire. I could never imagine I would see anything like that here.’ "

First of all he was planting ´small trees´ at the ´building beside the Pentagon here..¨ where it flew over his head "just above the treetops"
His friend(?) goes on to invent the story that he "felt the impact".
He didn´t mention it once.
But hey, the translation fitted so they left it as was.

He is also quoted as a "small plane" witness when in actual fact he said that the plane appeared smaller "like a United Airlines plane"

Bart Tamillow, Michael

He wasn't there. He was part of the search and rescue teams that arrived afterwards.

SGYDK Taylor, Shari
"And then he just slammed into the Pentagon, you just knew he was going to hit the Pentagon, I mean there was no way he could not have hit it."

She was allegedly in South parking and caught sight of the aircraft "over my shoulder".
How close was she to the building? Why did she have to assume/deduce that the plane "struck"? Fireball? Smokeplume? Massive explosion? Why the lack of details?

She doesn't contradict NOC in that she doesn't describe the path.

On a personal note. Some witnesses admitted to "flinching", "ducking in their cars", etc. It is assumed (or ignored) that witnesses remained staring at the explosion/fireball. That they didn't turn away, duck or flinch.

reactions to bombs

Bart Terronez, Tony
Around 9:40 a.m. I reached the heliport area (beside the Pentagon). So I got about 100 yards or so past the heliport and then all of the sudden I heard this loud screeching sound that just came out of nowhere and it intensified. This huge WHOOSH! And something made me look in my rearview mirror and by the time I looked up I saw the side of the Pentagon explode. I was stunned. It was just so surreal, like something out of a movie, like Die Hard. The side of a building just exploded!

Did not see aircraft. Saw explosion. He even went so far as to claim that he thought it was a "missile".

Bart Thompson, Carla

"I glanced up just at the point where the plane was going into the building," said Carla Thompson, who works in an Arlington, Va., office building about 1,000 yards from the crash. "I saw an indentation in the building and then it was just blown-up up--red, everything red," she said. "Everybody was just starting to go crazy. I was petrified."

CIT have actually tried to track this witness and is listed by them as "unconfirmed witness/name".

There are no office buildings about 1000 yards (1 km) with a view of the Pentagon basin or the Pentagon in "Arlington, VA"

An unconfirmed media ambiguous one-liner. Another "window glancer". She saw an "indentation in the building"? THEN an explosion? What about seeing the plane hit the building? What about the instant explosion as per the gatecam and ASCE report?

Until this person is found and confirmed, it's a non-runner.

Bart Thompson, Phillip
"I was sitting in heavy traffic in the I-395 HOV lanes about 9:45 a.m., directly across from the Navy Annex. I could see the roof of the Pentagon and, in the distance, the Washington Monument."

This guy is claiming to have been around the same area of the I-395 that Kirk Milburn claimed to have been.

Level with the Navy Annex (remembering that 1 metre AT LEAST must be deducted from the height of this view):,-77.0691...p=11,325.14,,0,-3.01

Look towards the Pentagon. Thompson is telling the truth that only the "roof of the Pentagon" was visible. Also remember that the HOV lanes in which Thompson was driving is claimed to have had a lot of traffic (according to other witnesses on the same road). He could not physically see the "impact zone"
"The fireball that erupted upon impact blossomed skyward, and the blast hit us in a wave."

Nobody ducked?

We can't really garner a path from this witness given that he saw the aircraft from the side, but compare his description to those that claim the aircraft "dive bombed". Also remember that according to the OCT/directional damage and the FDR it was allegedly on a 124 fps descent at 540-580mph from above the Navy Annex to the Citgo Gas Station. Discussed here:

Now Thompson's description:
"It was flying only a couple of hundred feet off the ground - I could see the passenger windows glide by. The plane looked as if it were coming in for a landing - cruising at a shallow angle, wings level, very steady."
Make sense?
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Aw: Onesliceshort Analyse:Augenzeugen und der Nordpfad 30 Oct 2011 17:42 #2230

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SGYDK Tinyk, Michael

"at work on the 10th floor of the U.S. Trademark Office in Crystal City"
The plane took "a flight path straight up 395,"

Craig Ranke went to film this guy's POV:

You tell me just exactly what he saw in that relatively small gap. And how he could tell above what the plane was flying.
What a joke.

Bart Turner, Ron

"There was a huge fireball," he said, "followed by the [usual] black cloud of a fuel burn."

Saw fireball from Arlington Cemetery. Did not see plane.

NBC Unidentified witness on video

I need more details than that! Where is this taken from?

SGYDK Vaughan, Clyde (Brig. Gen)
""That may have been the plane. I have never seen one on that (flight) pattern." Georgetown is a sector of the District of Columbia.."

"A few minutes later, Vaughn witnessed the craft's impact."

Second hand media account. Vaughn isn't directly quoted.

Bart Velasquez, Jose
"Jose Velasquez : "It was like an earthquake" , "By the time I got outside all I could see was a giant cloud of smoke, first white then black, coming from the Pentagon," he said. Velasquez says the gas station's security cameras are close enough to the Pentagon to have recorded the moment of impact. "I've never seen what the pictures looked like," he said. "The FBI was here within minutes and took the film."

Inside the Pentagon (Naval affairs). Did not witness plane.

Vera, Michael
"Army Sgt. Roxane Cruz-Cortes, top, and Marine Cpl. Michael Vera, right, were both inside the Pentagon when the plane hit, and both stayed inside to rescue wounded co-workers.

Marine Cpl. Michael Vera never heard the explosion caused by Flight 77."

Inside the building. Did not see the plane.

Bart Wallace, Terry

Terry C. Wallace - Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory

He wasn't there.

Bart Wheelhouse, Keith

Wheelhouse is interviewed in this video:

His claims regarding the C130 and the attack jet:

Wheelhouses own (alleged) photo (look at his POV - the aircraft was allegedly 25ft agl from lightpole 1 and descending)

Discussed here:

My own thread here:

He had no view. There were people in a FAR better position underneath the damn plane and they are summarily dismissed, yet this guy who constantly contradicts himself and is shown not to have had a view of what he claims to have seen is defended.

Bart Wright, Don

Another "window witness"

First, it wasn't a "commuter plane" which Wright claims with certainty.
Second, the plane did not arrive "from the south". Neither on the official path or the NOC path. It arrived from the west.

He claims that the aircraft "went below some trees" before "crossing I-395".

Here's the view from a hi-rise building behind the USAToday buildings where Wright claimed he was (higher than the 12th floor)

How could he mistake the trajectory as being from the "south"? If he had such a panoramic view how could the aircraft disappear "below the trees"?

The interviewer, Peter Jennings (in the youtube video), asked him if the aircraft flew along the river (that runs behind the Pentagon) or over land and he repeated nervously "from the south".

Don Wright neither confirms the official path or the NOC path. He was very confident but very wrong.

Bart Yates, John

Security officer John Yates was picked up and hurled 30 feet.

Inside the building. Not a witness to the aircraft.

Bart Yeingst William

This guy is listed at the "over the Navy Annex" thread on the CIT forums. He shouldn't be there as he wasn't a witness at all. He is the Smithsonian Museum curator (where Penny Elgas left the supposed "aircraft debris")

He is recounting the story of Alan Wallace, the firefighter at the heliport.
"they looked up and saw the plane coming over the Navy Annex building."

Second hand (even though it supports NOC)

NBC Cohen, Terry
"we heard the boom"

Not a witness to the aircraft-


As said earlier..
"Army Sgt. Roxane Cruz-Cortes, top, and Marine Cpl. Michael Vera, right, were both inside the Pentagon when the plane hit, and both stayed inside to rescue wounded co-workers.

Marine Cpl. Michael Vera never heard the explosion caused by Flight 77."

Inside the building. Did not see the plane.

Bart Zakheim, Madelyn

Confusing account that points more to an NOC trajectry over the Annex. Discussed here:
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Re: Onesliceshort Analyse:Augenzeugen und der Nordpfad 26 Aug 2012 13:24 #2449

Hi Stefan,

Just to let you know that I'll be posting an updated (more readable!) version of the witness list.

I have over 200 alleged witnesses to go through but I'm not sure what the limitations are for each post?

Is there no "preview" button to check for typos and formatting mistakes?


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Hi onesliceshort,

sorry for the late reply and welcome to the forum.
there is no limitation, but maybe you can split your list a little bit for better and clearer view.

Greats from germany
Ein ernüchternder Gedanke, daß man zur Strafverfolgung eines Ladendiebs bessere Beweise braucht als dazu, einen Weltkrieg anzufangen. Anthony Scrivener
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