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TOPIC: Kommentar zu Lehles Artikel: Steven Storti

Kommentar zu Lehles Artikel: Steven Storti 12 Feb 2012 22:14 #2361

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Steve Storti wird von CIT- Kritikern als Zeuge für den Einschlag des Flugzeugs ins Pentagon zitiert. Es will den Crash von seinem Balkon aus gesehen und wenige Sekunden später mit seiner Kamera Fotos der Explosionswolke geschlossen haben.

I have recently spoke with another Pentagon eyewitness who saw the plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

Steve Storti,

who used work as a fire lieutenant in Cranston , was asleep in Crystal City apartment when he was roused by a phone call from a friend
". . . 'What's going to happen next,' Storti, 46, recalls thinking as he stood on his balcony. Then he caught the glint of silver out of the corner of his eye.
He looked up to see a passenger plane with the trademark stainless-steel fuselage and stripes of American Airlines.
Time seemed to slip into slow motion as he watched the plane cross over Route 395, tip its left wing as it passed the Navy annex, veer sharply and then slice into the Pentagon. 'I remember thinking that whoever is flying this knows what they’re doing,' Storti said. "The plane traveled straight as an arrow.'(sic)
When it had plunged in as far as its tail fin, there was huge explosion"

STORTI: Umm. I did get my cell phone. It was dead. I got two rings and then the line went dead. Umm, I could not get a dial tone for another twelve minutes. I tried the house phone: dead. Umm, I did manage to-- and I know you're gonna wanna see it, but I don't really know where it is-- I did get a picture of the fireball above the Pentagon. Umm, which I buried for a long time because I just (unintelligible) looking at it. But it showed-- it was when the, the-- it was when it was falling back in on itself.

RANKE: So you're just saying, like just seconds after. Within like a one...

STORTI: Yeah. or two second after the explosion...


RANKE: that what you mean?


RANKE: So you already-- you had the camera already there.

STORTI: Well it was in the living room.

Lehle schrieb in seinem Artikel, für den er ausschließlich Quellen von CIT- Gegnern heranzog Folgendes:

Das unter Druck setzen und Beleidigen von unliebsamen Augenzeugen, scheint öfters vorzukommen. Es gibt beispielsweise eine Beschwerde seitens des Augenzeugen Steve Corte. Er fühlt sich von Herrn Ranke bedrängt, seine Aussage (wie England) umzuändern:

Leider stützt sich Lehles Behauptung auf das Interview mit Jeff Hill, der eine systematishce Kampagne verfolgt, CIT zu diskreditieren und ist auch nachweislich falsch.

CIT bedrängte oder beleidigte Stoerti keineswegs, sondern fragten eifnach den Fotos, die Storti geschossen will und ob sie das Sichtfeld von Stortis Balkon aus überprüfen könnten.
Es gab mehrere Kotnakte zwischen zwischen CIT udn Storti, udn in allen zeigte sich Storti kooperativ hinsichtlich der Fotos, ,sagt sogar, dass er CIT für "sauber" hält und an den der 9/11- Kommission zweifelt.

RANKE: In fact, um, you told me you were going to look for some pictures, but I guess never...


RANKE: around to it.

STORTI: And-- I didn't forget, I just didn't look for them.

RANKE: (laughs) Oh, okay.

STORTI: BUT, um, if it's gonna help some of this stuff...

RANKE: Mmhmm.

STORI: ... I will look for them.


STORTI: And I...

RANKE: ...ahold of y--...

STORTI: ...couldn't remember if it was you that I talked to, or if it wasn't you that I talked to. So I figured "let me call"...

RANKE: Yeah. No, it-- it was...

STORTI: ...and just...

RANKE: was me. And the only reason we haven't published anything more on your account is because, well, the number one thing that we needed to validate it, uh, was to get those images, or else images from the balcony to see what the actual point of view would be. So, that's basically the only thing that's been holding it up. We've been trying to get someone to get out there and- and- and get actually point of view images. Cause you know, as you probably can see from our forum Steve, we're not just-- we're heavy-- heavy-duty researchers We're, um--....

STORTI: No, I uh-- trust me, I wouldn't be talk-- talking to you if you weren't legit.

RANKE: Yeah.

STORTI: And, I don't buy the findings of the 9/11 Commission


STORTI: I-- I still have-- I have a tremendous amount of questions about that day. But the only thing I don't question is that a plane hit the building.

RANKE: Well, you're g--

STORTI: That's the only thing I really can't question.

RANKE: Right. Well, what's gonna clear up a lot is actual pictures of your point of view. And that's really what we need here to-- to really put-- uh, close the book on your account, as far as what you really could have seen. Umm...

Diese Telefonkonversation ist hier zu hören:

23 minute discussion with Steven Storti - March 29th, 2010

Nirgendwo wird Storti bedrängt "seien Aussage" zu ändern, er war sogar bereit sich mit CIT zu treffen:

STORTI: Um. And I would have loved to have actually met you and shaken your hand.. Um, and it's interesting because the trainings I'm doing out there are for returning veterans from the middle east. Substance abuse and PTSD.

RANKE: Mmhmm.


RANKE: What city were you in?

STORTI: But I should find--. What's that?

RANKE: What city were you in?

STORTI: Umm, I was actually in... (~3 sec pause). . . uhh, Santa Ana.

RANKE: Yeah.

STORTI: One. And the other one was. . . (~ 5 sec pause). . . I can't remember. It was at a-- it was at a large V.A. hospital. I can-- I can...

RANKE: No that's fine I was just curious. I mean that-- that is our county. We're right near there. So, uh, that is unfortunate. But, you know, whatever. We're-- we're getting around a lot, and, you know, i--...

STORTI: Well I will be-- at the end of-- on April 25th I will be back out there. I'm gonna be up in, um, Sacramento. In Yuba City.

RANKE: Mmhmm.

STORTI: However, I will be coming down to LA.

RANKE: Oh okay. We'll definitely...

STORTI: Ummm...

RANKE: We'll definitely...

STORTI: I'll be in the Woodland-- I think it's the Woodland Hills Marriott for two days.

RANKE: Sure.

STORTI: If I can find 'em by then, I will scan the one of the fireball into the computer, and I will bring the panoramic view.

RANKE: Well if you can-- if you can find 'em, I mean, get 'em to us earlier than that. And then we'll still meet. And, uh, I 'd definitely like to meet with you. But, you know, if you can mail it to us, or, um, scan it, and- and- and uh, e-mail it to us, that'd be great too.

STORTI: Okay. Uh, I'll make that effort.

Auch zeigte sich Storti in diesem letzten Interview immer noch bereit, sich einem Interview vor laufender Kamera und seine Fotos zur Verfügung zu stellen:


RANKE: Well, excellent. I-- I...

STORTI: (unintelligible syllable)

RANKE: I appreciate that you reached out to us. And-- and that you found us. I'm not surprised that you found us, uh, but that you reached out is great, cause that's very rare. W-- witnesses, you know, we're the ones doin' the reachin' out. (laughs)

STORTI: Well, to be quite honest with you, if I had not gotten the e-mail from the UK and been prompted to look for the Out of the Blue article, I wouldn't have found the link to yours. And had you updated it I never would have been prompted to call and figured out, um, that it was the same person I talked to last time.

RANKE: Right.

STORTI: So I'm glad-- I'm GLAD to know that it was, um, a legit interview. And that it's still [here].

RANKE: Yep, I have it. And-- I'd-- I'd be happy to put it out, and I'd especially like to put it out after, you know, we have those images, AND if we can talk more and get, uh, an interview from you on camera, that would be even better.

STORTI: I-- I would have no problem with that at all.

RANKE: Excellent.

STORTI: If you don't hear from me in two weeks do me a favor. Call me and re-prompt me. Remind me.

RANKE: Okay.

STORTI: Um, because although I just put it into my blackberry, that doesn't mean it's gonna rise to the top of the immediate deal with shit pile.

RANKE: Right. Okay, no problem.

STORTI: I'm sure you have-- I'm sure you have one of those too.

RANKE: Absolutely. Yeah-- I'll definitely, um, contact you if I don't hear from you.

STORTI: And, just so you know, very glad to see [the site] is still up. Umm, because I'm quite sure, um, that there are those who would like this event to just slide into the background. Umm.

RANKE: Oh this-- this isn't going away, believe me. We're making noise, we're talking to Congresspeople. And it's-- it's gonna escalate. Let's put it there.

STORTI: Good. If I can-- you know what? If I can be of any help in that regard, I have no problems with that at all.

RANKE: Okay. All we want is your absolute honesty, uh, and transparency. That's it.

STORTI: Well, I will be at the Woodland Hills Marriott on I think it's May 1st and 2nd. I have no problem putting an hour, hour and a half, even two hours aside for you.

RANKE: Excellent.

STORTI: Umm. But you're buyin' the coffee.

RANKE: (laughs) Sounds like a plan.


RANKE: Alright. Thanks a lot Steven.

STORTI: No problem. I'll talk to you in a couple of weeks.

Storti meldete sich nie wieder und reagiert auch nicht mehr auf Craig Rankes Emails. In seinem späteren Interview mit Jeff Hill machte er eien 180- Gradwende, spie und Gift udn Galle gegen CIT und log, wie hier dargestellt:

BIS HEUTE hat Steven Storti seien Fotos nicht veröffentlicht, was seiner glaubwürdigkeit nicht gerade zuträglich ist.
Darüber hinaus hat ein unabhängiger Rechercheur die Sicht von Stortis Balkon überprüfen können (das Appartment stand zu diesem Zeitpunkt leer, Storti war umgezogen).
Was deutlich wird ist dass Storti den Einschlag ins Gebäude nicht beobachten konnte:

Storti hat also nachweislich gelogen. Von Beleidigungen oder Bedrängen eines Zeugen kann keine Rede sein.

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Re: Kommentar zu Lehles Artikel: Steven Storti 19 Feb 2012 21:40 #2363

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Onesliceshort schreibt zu Storti:

Steve Storti had no view after the aircraft had reached the Navy Annex, the Citgo or the lightpole area. It's a physical impossibility shown here:

Storti's POV (aeriel):

He briefly appeared on internet forums. At Jeff Hill's forum. A strange story unfolded, detailed here:

In his posts (linked to in the thread above) he is quoted as saying:

"When it began to turn around the Pentagon Parking lot, I saw one wing up and one wing drop, I did not see it hit any poles.
Everything but the tail had dropped from my view at that point"

He admitted he didn't (because he physically couldn't) see the lightpoles. He also lied about being able to see the tail of the plane.


"I did not see the exact point of impact"

and this beaut:

"I can tell you unequivocally, in the back of the jet, there were individuals moving around back there"

Complete nonsense.

Storti is quoted as saying:

""The plane began to fly over the Citgo station. If its the same station were talking about. There were several garages and gas stations on the right side of the navy annex but there was a citgo station in the hollow between the navy annex and the pentagon. As the plane passed over the citgo, or the cloverleaf looking mess it banked sharply to the right. "

He also AGREES with Citgo NOC witnesses Lagasse and Brooks (and Turcios)
"He is correct! At that point it was north of the Navy Annex but it did not come in North of the Navy Annex. The path he drew was consistent with mine except he didnt see the plane fly in. He didnt see it because of the height of the overpass. Route 395 is at least 30 to 40 feet high behind the citgo station. By the time he saw it, it was , from his perspective, on the North side of the annex. However. this is based in his perspective. What they didn't see is how it flew in! Both of the officers mirror my perspective, however they did not see the fly in path. Look at a topographical map of this area. That station is in a hollow, its tucled in to an area below the Navy Annex and 395. Also, please take into account the officers perspective may have been skewed by the fact that they were under the Citgo overhang which covered the pumps.."

So even IF people insist that he could physically see these areas, he's still claiming that the aircraft flew over Citgo.
A proven dishonest personality who seems to be seeking attention and exaggerating his account.
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