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TOPIC: Sabotage der Flugüberwachung

Sabotage der Flugüberwachung 23 Dec 2008 14:42 #24

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Folgende Meldungen belegen eine konzertierte Aktion, um deren Arbeit zu sabotieren:

8:45 a.m. Air Traffic Control Centers Receive False Bomb Threats?

CNN reports that, while Flight 11 is heading toward the World Trade Center, “ources say there were bomb threats called in to air traffic control centers adding to the chaos.” One center receiving such threats is the FAA’s Boston Center, which handles air traffic over New England and monitors flights 11 and 175. Cleveland Center, which will monitor Flight 93, receives similar threats. Whether other centers are threatened is unstated. According to Newsweek, “Officials suspect that the bomb threats were intended to add to the chaos, distracting controllers from tracking the hijacked planes.”
Newsweek, 9/22/2001; CNN, 9/30/2001

9:36 am Cleveland Center Receives Numerous Bomb Threats Concerning Planes

According to a book about the FAA’s response to the 9/11 attacks, Cleveland Center air traffic controllers follow Flight 93 as it turns south and reverses course (see (9:36 a.m.)
But, “bomb threats called in concerning four other planes focused their attention onto what they believed to be more critical maneuvers.”
[Freni, 2003, pp. 40]
One of these four planes is presumably Delta Flight 1989, which is mistakenly thought to be hijacked and to have a bomb aboard (see (9:30 a.m.)
WKYC, 9/11/2006
The identities of the other three planes are unknown. By this time, Cleveland Center has already overheard a radio transmission from Flight 93 stating, “We have a bomb on board” (see (9:32 a.m.) and has acknowledged this, reporting, “United 93 may have a bomb on board,” so it seems unlikely that other threatened aircraft would be regarded as “more critical maneuvers.”
9/11 Commission, 6/17/2004

.... und jetzt kommts:

Yet, just weeks after 9/11, the Washington Post will claim, “Federal aviation officials no longer believe that accomplices of the hijackers made phony bomb threats to confuse air traffic controllers on Sept. 11. Sources said reports of multiple threats were apparently the result of confusion during the early hours of the investigation and miscommunication in the Federal Aviation Administration.”
Washington Post, 9/27/2001

ja - sie haben sich die Anrufe mit den Bombendrohungen nur eingebildet!

weitere seltsame Entdeckungen im timeline:

9:45 am FAA Center in Cleveland wurde evakuiert

While flight controllers are working to clear the skies of all aircraft, they notice a small plane flying erratically above the FAA’s Cleveland Center. Consequently, the center is evacuated, with people withdrawing to its parking lot. According to Rick Kettell, the Cleveland air traffic manager, the errant plane is never identified. He says it “flew off to the north, and we lost radar on it.” Eleven months later, the FAA will reportedly still be investigating what the plane was and what it was doing. There are contradictory accounts of when the evacuation occurs.
NEADS Commander Robert Marr reportedly is informed of it while Flight 93 is still airborne (9:49 a.m).Cleveland flight controller Stacey Taylor will later recall, “They’re evacuating the Center,” at a time when Flight 93 is still airborne. However, she and another Cleveland controller say they see Flight 93 disappear from their radar scopes when it crashes, suggesting that the center is not fully evacuated, or is only fully evacuated later on. Rick Kettell claims the evacuation occurs after most planes have already been landed from the region’s skies, which would be later in the morning.
Newsnet5, 8/12/2002; MSNBC, 9/11/2002; Filson, 2003, pp. 73; Cleveland Free Times, 9/6/2006

was mir auch aufgefallen ist:

Um 9:40 am passiert Folgendes:

A small jet plane—ExecuJet 956—tracks Flight 93 for what is described as “a substantial period of time” before it crashes, and picks up some of the radio transmissions from it, as both planes are operating on the same frequency.
Washington Post, 8/9/2002
At 9:40, after being asked, “did you understand that transmission [from Flight 93]?” ExecuJet 956 tells Cleveland Center: “Affirmative. He said that there was a bomb on board.”
Associated Press, 4/12/2006
Cleveland Center then asks the ExecuJet pilot if he can change course and try to spot Flight 93. He sees it, loses it, and then sees it again. He then has to make an evasive turn, as Flight 93 is heading directly for him.
Longman, 2002, pp.

Warum kümmern sich die (angeblichen) Selbstmord-Enführer um den kleinen Jet neben ihnen? Der kann ihnen doch egal sein.

Interessante Neben-Notiz:

104ExecuJet 956 is one of a fleet of small jets available for hire from a company based in Woodbridge, New Jersey called NetJets, which sells shares in private business aircraft. Washington Post, 8/9/2002
NetJets’ owner is the multi-billionaire Warren Buffet.
Knight Ridder, 11/6/2001; Observer, 1/12/2003

Kann es sein, dass dieser Jet störte bei etwas?
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